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Hospice Election… the sooner the better, for everyone.

In Aug 2010, The New England Journal of Medicine published an article stating:

“Terminally ill patients who received palliative comfort care services lived nearly three months longer and enjoyed an improved quality of life compared to those who didn’t receive the attention of a palliative care team.”

          Surveys show 60% of patients said they would like to have been referred sooner.

Benefits To Early Admission

Patients & Families

  • Care that incorporates spirit, mind, and body
  • Help with focusing on personal goals before death
  • Full emotional and psychological support, developing a relationship with bereavement counselor earlier
  • Education on how to improve the quality of life for their loved one, and how they can assist during their loved one’s final months.
    Facility and Care Staff
  • Improved communication with personal physician
  • Added layer of expertise, support, and care for in-patient facility staff
  • Preparation and coordination of financial coverage, advanced directives, medication, equipment and supplies.
  • Effective management of medication, pain, and other symptoms result in greater comfort and fewer emergency hospitalizations
  • Reduces stress from frequent unnecessary traveling to ER / hospital admissions
  • Hospice can decrease stress levels that affect length of life

    Early Election Benefits

  • Early election allows us to build longer relationships and improve care
  • When pain and other symptoms are controlled, people feel better, and live longer.
  • Patients and Families become knowledgeable with the dying process, and can achieve peace and comfort with pending death.
  • Time allows experts to prepare funeral and financial planning, being logistically prepared relieves families so they can focus on their loved one when life matters most.


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