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Ask your doctor for an in-home evaluation with a Certified Stepping Stones Therapist, only available with Symbii Home Health.

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Physical Therapy

  • Front loaded therapy visits
  • Individualized plan of care targeted to specific outcomes
  • Home safety evaluation/environment modifications
  • Assistive devices, medical equipment, CPM etc
  • Home exercise program
  • Teaching of fall/injury prevention
  • Transition to Out-Patient therapy

Occupational Therapy

  • Adaptive equipment assessment and ordering
  • Compensatory techniques for activities of daily living
  • Modification of home environment to promote safety

Skilled Nursing

  • Coordination of PCP/Surgeon follow up visits and reporting
  • Wound care skilled assessment with observation/teaching/training
  • Management of comorbid conditions (i.e. CHF, DM, HTN, etc)
  • Emergency Care Planning (signs and symptoms to recognize and report)
  • Post-Operative teaching (Pain, medications, diet, TED hose, DVT/PE prevention, etc.)
  • Medication and Pain Management
  • CNA assistance with Activities of Daily Living

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