Full Circle Care

Final Assistance

When our loved ones pass, knowing who to contact and what needs to be done can be overwhelming. Symbii has partnered with Final Assistance to take care of this for you. They will make the calls with you on the line in a three-way conference call.

To learn more contact Matt:


Matt Van Drimmelen



Email Matt


During your one-hour telephone session we will contact:

  • Social Security – to stop payments or transition benefits to survivor
  • Medicare – to stop automatic deductions
  • Pension companies – to stop payments or transition benefits to survivor
  • Veterans Administration – to claim benefits
  • 401K and IRA providers – to change ownership to survivor
  • Life Insurance companies – to claim death benefits
  • Car Titles – to transfer ownership
  • Car Insurance – to remove deceased’s coverage
  • Credit Card Companies – to update records
  • Bank Accounts – to make account changes
  • Credit Bureaus – to prevent fraud and protect the deceased’s identity

You will be amazed at what we can accomplish in just one hour!

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